Uniting the sector that cares for and promotes Scotland’s distinctive built environment for people to use, appreciate and enjoy.

As a strategic intermediary body for Scotland’s built environment sector, BEFS draws together extensive expertise and knowledge on Scotland’s historic and contemporary environment in a membership-led forum.


BEFS – creating opportunities to meet

Our vision is for a strong built environment sector in Scotland. One that is informed, that can debate issues in a constructive way, that can demonstrate its impact, that can advocate for good outcomes on the ground.

Our role is to support practitioners in addressing, together, the strategic issues and challenges facing Scotland’s built environment. We do this by:

INFORMING: by providing information on the latest developments in relevant policy and practice we increase awareness of strategic policy developments.

DISCUSSING: by creating opportunities to meet we help practitioners share and develop perspectives on matters affecting their work.

EVALUATING: by building capacity in evaluation and performance measurement we help practitioners demonstrate the benefits of what they do.

ADVOCATING: by building capacity in advocacy and engaging with the Scottish Parliament directly, we help the sector shape legislation and policy priorities in a collaborative way.

We also strive to ensure good governance of BEFS to improve our ability to operate as a membership-led forum. BEFS Articles of Association, Annual Accounts and Annual Reviews can be found under Corporate Papers.

A collective voice for Scotland’s historic environment