We are keen to expand membership of the Forum and welcome applications. To apply please complete our application form.

Membership of BEFS is open to bodies that meet the following criteria:

We are keen to expand membership of the Forum

We are keen to expand membership of the Forum

Are a non-governmental organisation, recognised professional body, or corporation or company active in the built environment;

Are supportive of the objects of BEFS;

1. To protect and conserve the environment for the public benefit by promoting the efficient application of resources and co-operation for exclusively charitable purposes between voluntary and professional bodies that are concerned with the management, protection, conservation and enhancement of Scotland’s entire built environment;

2. To advance the education of the public in relation to the protection, conservation, enhancement, understanding and enjoyment of Scotland’s built environment and associated cultural heritage.

Organisations and individuals that are not eligible to become a Member but wish to support BEFS and be kept informed of its activities may instead join as an Associate.

Subscription rates for 2019/2020

ASSOCIATE (Academic, Corporate, Governmental)£105
ASSOCIATE (Individual)£20

BEFS is a charitable company limited by guarantee. For information on matters of governance, please see BEFS Articles of Association in Corporate Papers.

If you have any questions please contact us.

To apply for membership of BEFS, please complete our application form.