Re-thinking the streets of Falkland – planning for present & future

Re-thinking the streets of Falkland – planning for present & future

VISIT & LECTURE OF BEN HAMILTON-BAILLIE, internationally-renowned traffic consultant

Date: Monday 15 May 2017, 7pm

Venue: Community Hall, Back Wynd, Falkland, Cupar KY15 7BX.

Organiser: Royal Burgh of Falkland & Newton-in-Falkland Community Council Initiative 2017.

Background: Falkland is privileged to be a tourist destination of the first importance – visitors come to enjoy the landscape and peace of the Falkland Estate; the architecture, gardens and history of Falkland Palace; and the scenes of episodes in the Outlander series. But we have narrow idiosyncratic streets and dangerous corners and crossings. We have the challenge of a new development of c.100 houses on the St John’s Works site [the ‘factory’], and we have a culture where it is not unusual for a household to have more than one car. The resulting constriction has become intolerable. But we have a unique opportunity to do something about it.

Encouraged by Transport officers of Fife Council we have decided to arm ourselves with a consultant on traffic management and parking and there is no doubt that Ben Hamilton-Baillie is one of the best. He lives in Bristol but he already has links with Fife through two important clients and with one of our local universities. This first visit is by way of a ‘taster’, so that he can see our challenges and give us some initial guidance. He will arrive on the Sunday afternoon and will be briefed by our Community Council chair, Peter Burman, who will introduce him to people as they go round the village and relevant parts of the Estate. On mid-Monday morning he will have a meeting with the Community Council so that he can ask us questions and so that we can make sure that he has seen what it is feasible for him to see on a short visit. He will spend the afternoon quietly reflecting and preparing a powerpoint presentation which we shall then be privileged to hear at 7.00 p.m.

If you would like to contribute in any way – ideas, funding, discussion, anything at all – please e-mail Peter Burman with the heading Traffic Management & Parking in Falkland,