13 Oct at 3:31 pm#7197

Comment from a BEFS Member – and posted with their agreement:

Re EPCs – could we add ‘to include calculation of embodied carbon as well as operational carbon’ somewhere? We need to retain, maintain, conserve, adapt, and make the best use of the existing built environment. In support of this the input figures for SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure ie the government’s method for calculating the energy performance of dwellings) calculations need re-visiting to reflect Scotland’s de-carbonising of its energy generation.
Also look at demolition and construction of commercial buildings.

How can we get to the point where the carbon footprint of Chinese manufactured wind turbines is looked at unfavourably and included in a procurement tender analysis?

Climate change emergency – a presumption that we seek to re-use existing buildings and prevent carbon emissions from the construction of new buildings. See Carl Elefante article in RIAS Spring 2020 issue 41.