14 Oct at 3:25 pm#7200
Calum Maclean

I live on the bleeding edge, Euan – boldly going were no one has gone before !

It blue sky thinking – perhaps there is potentially a partnership approach that could be done with the CITB to enhance their current role in training and qualifications, to try and rationalise the current landscape and to create easily recognisable – government backed scheme of accreditations across the sector that could be understood by any consumer.

The scheme would need to be audited and qualifications revalidated periodically and disciplinary action taken where necessary – as happens to professionals.

It would not only help consumers but – if there is a clear ladder of progression, it will encourage investment in training and career path/future for those entering the sector.

They currently do a lot of good work with larger contractors- things start to fall down when we are dealing with smaller contractors, individual tradesmen and especially older properties. There are many vans the claim to offer expertise in “new builds, alterations, extensions & conservation work”.

There are also problems where one accreditation scheme tries to expand there influence into another area – so currently SAP and EPC assessors are all trying to move into the retrofit arena – which they are completely unsuited to.