Reply To: Draft Infrastructure Investment Plan – 2021-22 to 2025-26

4 Nov at 8:43 pm#7273
Calum Maclean

My own observations will be noted in a separate post, but before I go into them I would like to address some points in the draft response above, which I do not agree with.

Para 3

“Many mentions are made to the ‘doubling [of] investment in maintenance over the next 5 years’. This investment appears to be focused on transport infrastructure – all aspects which may well require maintenance – but which do not perhaps benefit the breadth of society in the way a programme of incentivised, nationwide, home maintenance would be able to.”

I don’t think this is a fair assessment – there are significant funds being direct towards housing and existing built assets. At least £2 billion as far as I can see.

Response to Question 3C

I don’t agree to including the reference to the prioritisation toolkit. The toolkits aims and objectives are to prioritise the funding of significant interventions and development of historic assets; over the less transformational and mundane requirements for maintenance and repair of historic assets.
It is not complete and does not align well with the aims and objectives of the infrastructure plan.