Reply To: NPF4 Position Statement Consultation

17 Feb at 12:22 pm#7560

In relation to the answer to point 3. The following paragraph has been inserted.

Our existing places can demonstrate their contribution to a wellbeing economy and fair work. The maintenance, management, protection, retro-fitting, and conservation of the historic environment is a huge source of skilled jobs. Skills is an area which should be addressed through the Delivery Plan. The issues relating to the skills pipeline needs to be urgently addressed if the right people ,are to have the right skills, at the right time, to support the Outcomes fully. The sector Skills Investment Plan for Scotland’s Historic Environment Sector details further information on the skills challenges and opportunities for the historic environment sector. Job creation within this sector not only helps the wellbeing economy, but helps to deliver on net-zero ambitions, as well as providing greener places for our communities.