Local Place Plan Regulations Consultation

  • 8 Jun at 8:49 am#7897

    BEFS will be responding to the Scottish Government’s consultation on Local Place Plan Regulation.

    Local Place Plans are community led plans providing proposals for the development and use of land. Introduced by the Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 these plans will set out a community’s aspirations for its future development.

    Full details of the consultation can be found here.

    The consultation closes on 25 June 2021 and we are inviting you to submit your comments and views below by 5pm on the 21st June 2021.

    17 Jun at 8:09 am#7926

    SURF hosted a short event on the consultation with SG intro and taking questions. 80% of the discussion was not about the consultation document which is very narrow in scope. Questions were mainly about resourcing, how meaningful LPPs were, mediating conflicts, over consultation etc: basically the same set if questions that have existed since LPP were introduced as part of the planning review that remain unanswered.

    My personal feeling is that the LPPs must be robust and consistent if they are to be respected by various stakeholders and therefore thresholds should be high and the Government must then respond to the eternal resourcing/capacity question. The business assessment suggests there will be resourcing for 100 per year at £15K a pop although one of the case studies cost £25k. The PAS recommendations remain relevant https://www.pas.org.uk/news/local-place-plans-communities-call-for-greater-support-to-create-success/

    Discussion on consulting local councillors widened to whether or not community councils must be consulted when an LPP is being led by another community group.

    I’m also interested in the requirement to consult question and whether the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 38(2) could be copied that would show 10% of a community support a LPP.

    I’ll share a draft of the SURF response as early as possible.

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