UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill

  • 13 Jul at 9:53 am#6828

    The Scottish Government introduced the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Continuity) (Scotland) Bill on 18 June 2020. The Bill will:

    • Allow Scots law to ‘keep pace’ with EU law in devolved areas, where appropriate (Part 1 and part 3)
    • to ensure that there continue to be guiding principles on the environment in Scotland, and to establish an environmental governance body, Environmental Standards Scotland (Part 2)
    • to continue the role and functions of the European institutions in ensuring the complete and effective implementation of environmental law (Part 2).

    The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee (ECCLRC) is focussing on the environmental policy aspects of the Bill. The ECCLRC is welcoming views on:

    • Part 1: Alignment with EU Law
    • Part 2 Environment: Chapter 1 – Environmental principles
    • Part 2 Environment: Chapter 2 – Environmental governance

    Full details on the ECCLRC’s call for views can be found here and closes on Friday 31 July 2020.

    BEFS will be making a submission and would welcome your input. Please provide views on the main issues for consideration, in a comment box below, by Monday 27 July 2020.

    28 Jul at 8:51 am#6928

    BEFS is considering not submitting a specific response to this wide-ranging Call for Views, but is actively engaged with other organisations to see if BEFS can issue a statement of support in relation to their detailed work.

    Should your organisation be submitting a response and believe a statement of support from BEFS would be both useful and appropriate please message here with text you would like to be considered for support.

    3 Aug at 12:42 pm#6978

    In response to the Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee (ECCLRC) Call for Views, BEFS worked with NTS and HES to support the pertinent sections of their responses. These focus on how Scots law would actively keep pace with EU legislation, supporting the enshrining of the four environmental principles, and how the proposed definition of ‘environment’ should broaden and therefore align with current SEA definitions.

    Read BEFS submission here.

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