HES in the Scottish Budget 2020-21

Details of funding for Historic Environment Scotland in the Scottish Government’s draft budget.

The Scottish Government published its Budget 2020-21 on 6 February with details on the funding of Historic Environment Scotland within the Culture, Tourism and External Affairs portfolio.

The total budget for HES in 2020-21 is £100.1 million, an increase of 7%.

Capital Expenditure remains at £6 million but the rest of the grant has increased to £33.8 million, an increased of 10% following a 5% reduction the previous year. This is against HES generating a forecast income of £63.3 million, a 6% increase over the previous period.

While the Draft Budget states that HES will continue to dispense grants it does not specify the amount. The overall increase in the budget is to be welcomed.

Historic Environment Scotland Priorities

In 2020-21 HES will:

  • continue to deliver ‘Our Place in Time: the Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland’;
  • offer grant support to help regenerate and promote the active use, care and maintenance of the historic environment, promoting sustainable economic development and reinforcing local identity;
  • provide expert advice and guidance to deliver the right balance between conservation and sustainable change;
  • promote learning and education to enhance knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the historic environment;
  • continue to play a leading role in supporting our understanding of climate change and its impacts on the historic environment; and
  • support the maintenance of traditional skills and provide young people with opportunities to develop new skills.

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) Spending Plans (Level 3)

Level 3 2018-19
Operational Costs 92.2 93.5 100.1
Capital Expenditure 6.0 6.0 6.0
Less Income (57.1) (59.7) (63.3)
Total Historic Environment Scotland 41.1 39.8 42.8
of which:
Fiscal Resource 32.6 30.8 33.8
Non-cash 2.5 3.0 3.0
Capital 6.0 6.0 6.0

What the Historic Environment Scotland budget does

Historic Environment Scotland is the lead public body for the historic environment in Scotland, and takes the lead in delivering Scotland’s historic environment strategy ‘Our Place in Time’, in addition to having delegated responsibility for the care and management of Scottish Ministers’ Properties in Care. A significant portion of the grant-in-aid funding which Historic Environment Scotland receives is passed on to Scottish communities by way of grant schemes which fund the regeneration of Scotland’s town centres and the repair of historic buildings.

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