Planning (Scotland) Bill

A November 2018 update.

The Planning Bill has now completed Stage 2 – we await formal notification of when Stage 3 will commence, but this close to Christmas we appreciate that no movement is likely before 2019.

BEFS briefed members of the Local Government and Communities Committee for each sitting in relation to the Bill. These briefings were informed by those on the BEFS Planning Taskforce.

BEFS has now produced a summary document of those briefings, and the outcomes in relation to the specific amendments which had been commented upon previously.

Throughout the Bill process BEFS compiled a document of all the amendments as they were submitted. This helped to inform members as to issues arising. This document has also been included on our website – at the end of the document we have included a link to the new draft Planning (Scotland) Bill which incorporates all those amendments passed at Stage 2.

We will continue to monitor progress, and in early January the Planning Taskforce will meet to discuss areas for further development as Stage 3 approaches.