Places of Worship Forum (POWF)

The Places of Worship Forum (POWF) is a non-denominational, strategic forum ; actively involving organisations that are considering the transition pathways, and collectively seeking sustainable future uses (within, and beyond worship) for Places of Worship within Scotland.

Membership is open to any overarching organisation that owns, manages or runs places of worship; any national organisation that does/could fund places of worship; any national organisation that has an interest in the sustainability of communities who may become owners of places of worship, and national bodies giving advice relevant to places of worship.

Places of Worship – being defined as buildings that have had, or still have, use as active places of worship. All faith groups, Christian and non-Christian denominations are welcome. There is an understanding that activity may focus on historic places of worship that are seen to have cultural value. More modern places of worship may have high community value, and their strategic use and sustainability may also be part of the conversations.

Places of Worship Forum Chair: Sara Crofts