How to Become an Advocate

BEFS advocacy toolkit enables everyone to become an advocate for the built environment.

What you can do


BEFS heritage & diversity event brought together stakeholders and decision-makers from across sectors.

You can become an advocate for the built environment simply by having discussions with your local politicians and councillors about your experiences and why the built environment is important to you. Encourage them to become a champion for the historic and contemporary environment in the local area. You can also find out about the evidence for the impact our built environment has more widely and use this information in your conversations.

The more people who engage with politicians to make the case for the built environment, the more likely it is that it will continue to be recognised, promoted, supported and maintained by Scotland’s local and national governments. BEFS toolkit provides tips on how to engage in these conversations and what to say; by following the toolkit and sharing your experiences you can be part of the network working to promote our built environment.

The toolkit will

  • Help you identify your local MSPs, MPs and councillors and how to contact them
  • Provide tips on arranging meetings with politicians and inviting them to an event
  • Give you key evidence and data on the impact of the built environment
  • Provide tips on how to share your projects and examples of what others are doing
  • Give ideas about engaging with your local community

14.6 million people visited historic environment sites in 2015, 25% of all recorded visits to Scottish attractions

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