The historic environment makes a major contribution to the cultural, social, environmental and economic wellbeing of Scotland.

The following case studies are examples of initiatives that demonstrate high-quality leadership and collaboration in the historic environment and develop skills and capacity to deliver priorities within the sector. They are also examples of where evidence-based information has been used to inform decision-making at a national and local level.

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  • Badenoch Great Place Project
  • Canongate Housing Energy Efficiency
  • Castle Mills
  • Collections Digitisation Trainees
  • Cowal Churches Energy Project
  • Energy Efficiency in Traditional Builds
  • Flows to the Future
  • Glenshee Archaeology Project
  • Grants for Places of Worship
  • Inner Forth Landscape Initiative
  • Our Shared Cultural Heritage
  • Perth City Heritage Fund
  • PLACE in the Biosphere
  • Planning Reform
  • Restoring Maritime Heritage to the Clyde
  • Rothesay Pavilion Project
  • Skills for the Future
  • The Ridge
  • The Sail Loft
  • YOYP National Lottery Fund

Heritage contributes to Scotland’s cultural social environment & economic wellbeing

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