Nation Brand Index

Increasing economic and social wellbeing through the historic environment.

Organisation: Historic Environment Scotland (using Scottish Government commissioned Nation Brand Index report for Scotland)
Project title: Historic Environment’s valuable contribution to Scotland’s Reputation – Nation Brand Index (NBI)

The Nation Brand index (NBI) is used by Scottish Government in the National Performance Framework (NBI in NPF) to evidence Scotland’s strong international reputation. NBI provides evidence for cross-cutting, wellbeing and international work.

Scotland’s international reputation is faring well and its reputation for cultural heritage is a strong contributor to that.

Scotland’s overall 2018 score of 62.7 and rank of 16th in NBI show that Scotland continues to have a strong reputation abroad. This is the highest score that Scotland has had since the baseline report in 2008 (Rank 16, Score 60.2).

Scotland is ranked out of 50 nations as:

• 12th for Cultural Heritage in 2018 and in 2016
• 12th for being rich in Historic Buildings and Monuments in 2018 and 2016
• 7th for natural beauty, which continues to be perceived as Scotland’s strongest characteristic
• 11th for how welcoming the people are.

Inn 2018, the most common words used to describe Scotland were fascinating (30%), exciting (25%), educational (22%), relaxing (22%). The words LEAST commonly used to describe Scotland were Depressing, Risky and Stressful (four per cent each). These proportions were all similar to those observed in 2016.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? KPI 1 – Increase economic and social wellbeing benefits from the historic environment for the people of Scotland.
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Reviewed: October 2019