New Futures for Replicas: Guidance & Principles for Museums & Heritage

Increasingly historic environment evidence informs and influences decision makers and decision making in Scotland.

Organisation: University of Stirling
Project title: New Futures for Replicas: Guidance and Principles for Museums and Heritage

‘New Futures for Replicas: Principles and Guidance for Museums and Heritage’, and associated website, was published in July 2020. Led by Sally Foster and Siân Jones of Stirling University, informed by their research (2019 BEFS case study), this resource was co-produced by cross-sector, international contributors / reference group. Replicas and originals often sit between places, collections and sectors, and are subject to inconsistent, different and divergent practices, which may include inertia and invisibility. ‘New Futures’ seeks to change this, with joined-up thinking about and working with replicas, particularly analogue replicas, informed by current ideas about authenticity, value and significance.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? Main: 3 – Informed decision making

6 – Knowledge development

8 – Holistic and sustainable approach

9 – Effective and proportionate protection and regulation

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Reviewed: July 2020