Inter-Disciplinary Fieldwork

Our understanding of the historic environment is increasing and this continues to influence how we present and enhance it.

Organisation:  Historic Environment Scotland
Project title: Inter-Disciplinary Fieldwork

Jim Harold (GSA poet) and Lukasz Banaszek (HES) working collaboratively with pencil, notebook, LiDAR and laptop.

Archaeology is an inter-disciplinary subject, with new practises and underpinning theories emerging through research. This research project explores the intersections of art and archaeology. Dr Alex Hale and researchers from the Glasgow School of Art have been exploring different approaches and methods to surveying and recording past lives. They have recorded 19th century graffiti in rural Moray (an example at artefact-scale) and recorded a modern park in central Glasgow (site-scale). They have even undertaken a landscape-scale survey with a poet, using LiDAR datasets to inform their work. These inter-disciplinary approaches produce exciting, creative results that help us to explore historic environments from multiple perspectives.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? Main: 6 – Increase customer focus of knowledge created on the historic environment

7 – Improve access to knowledge on the historic environment

12 – Increase the number and range of people who learn about the historic environment

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Reviewed: August 2019