Scottish Archaeological Research Framework

Our understanding of the historic environment is increasing and this continues to influence how we present and enhance it.

Organisation: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
Project title: Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF)

Copyright: Susan Kruse @ARCH

As a key part of Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy, the ScARF project continues to facilitate the planning, funding and creation of national, regional and subject specialist research frameworks (RRF). These summarise the current state of knowledge about Scotland’s past and highlight future research priorities. The South East of Scotland (SESARF) is the latest framework to be completed, launching in November 2019, joining the Regional Archaeological Research Framework for Argyll. Three more RRF’s are in progress (Highlands, Scotland’s Islands (Western Isles, Shetland and Orkney) and Perth and Kinross). A pilot project with Live Life Aberdeenshire also highlighted the potential of museum archaeology collections for new research and a series of workshops were designed to develop and share skills across the sector.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? Main: 6 – Increase customer focus of knowledge created on the historic environment

5 – Improve skills and capacity to deliver

7 – Improve access to knowledge on the historic environment

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Reviewed: August 2019