Building Futures

Led by the Royal Scottish Geographic Society, and part of the Climate Summits

Our summits provide a space for motivated people from across the sectors to come together in a safe and open workshop environment to offer solutions to the climate emergency. These facilitated sessions are designed to use the collective expertise of participants to highlight purposeful actions and good practice examples, and to influence policy making.

This Summit brought together thirty leaders from different sectors of the built environment to address the second of our ten Big Climate Solutions. Over two, half day workshops (one in person and one online) and two follow up sessions, we developed three key proposals to make a real difference to the impact of the construction sector in Scotland.

The Summit created the space for leaders to develop proposals that we feel can:

•Encourage industry to push government to go further and faster on regulation

•Create place-based solutions for effective transition that place communities at their heart

•Ensure we have the right skills in place to deliver a zero carbon future •Create an open source evidence base to support the transition to zero carbon There is a strong commitment from partners to take these ideas forward.

BEFS will continue working with Zero Waste Scotland to take forward the third strand around evidence and data.

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Published: June 2023.