Hazel Johnson – Policy & Strategy Manager

Hazel Johnson joined BEFS in 2021, having previously worked at Historic Environment Scotland.

Hazel has extensive experience working in both the arts and in heritage. A longstanding interest in placemaking and traditional construction methods led her to a postgraduate degree in Architectural Conservation at the University of Edinburgh.

Previously Hazel has held various roles at Historic Environment Scotland (HES), across multiple directorates, and has worked collaboratively with stakeholders and the wider heritage and built environment sectors. Notable projects include the delivery of the Historic Environment Policy for Scotland (HEPS), and project managing the Our Place in Time, Built Heritage Investment, and Climate Groups.

Hazel’s main professional drivers lie in understanding what makes good places and thriving communities, specifically understanding and advocating for the role of heritage and culture, and how good policy can support and underpin this.

As a director and organiser of the Edinburgh arts festival Hidden Door, these professional interests are combined with her passion for the arts and community led initiatives.

Email: hjohnson@befs.org.uk