Working Groups

BEFS brings together members and stakeholders from across the sector in working groups and task forces to address matters of strategic interest.

Historic Environment Working Group (HEWG)

BEFS brings together members and stakeholders from across the sector

BEFS brings together members and stakeholders from across the sector

The remit of HEWG is:

  • To understand what our historic environment brings to Scotland’s places;
  • To raise the profile of our historic environment by promoting its value within a broader context, and;
  • To ensure the effective management and care of our historic environment

HEWG is only open to BEFS members and meets four times a year for information exchange and discussion of current policy topics.

Evaluation Group

A virtual group sharing information on any developments and issues relating to measurement, evaluation and demonstrating impact. During 2014 – 2016, BEFS hosted a group on measuring success of the Historic Environment Strategy Our Place in Time. Further details are available on the Measuring Success pages of this website.

Planning Task Force

Following an independent review of the Scottish land use planning system, Scottish Government published in January 2017 a consultation on the future of the Scottish Planning system – Places, people and planning, in advance of a Planning Bill anticipated later in 2017. BEFS has set up a Planning Bill Task Force to follow the Bill through Parliament and advocate for what the planning system can offer to wider policy agendas. The remit of the group is as follows:

“To support BEFS Members in engaging individually and collectively with the Planning Reform process. The taskforce will undertake a watching brief on the detailed content of the White Paper and Bill as they pass through the Scottish Parliament and support Member involvement with the legislative process.  Typical activities will include: dialogue with the Bill team on issues of interest alongside reporting to and feedback from Members; discussion and consensus building around key ‘asks’; and providing briefings and evidence as necessary, based on Membership feedback, to inform parliamentary scrutiny of the Bill.”

For updates on policy developments visit the policy page on planning.

Brexit Task Force

The consequences and affects of Brexit for the built environment in Scotland are unclear. As the process for exiting the EU is likely to be ongoing for some years, BEFS Members have set up a task force as an arena for gathering information to make sure that the implications for the built environment are considered as part of the exit negotiations.

Scottish Traditional Building Forum (STBF)


Scottish Traditional Building Forum raising awareness of the condition of Scotland’s traditional buildings

STBF is made up of a network of local traditional building forums with local representation who work together to highlight specific issues relating to traditional buildings and building skills and practices. Through the project coordinator, BEFS aims to raise the profile of the forum and provide guidance and support for STBF and regional forums on widening partnerships and accessing the Scottish Government and Parliament.

Further information is available on the STBF website.

Exploring and scrutinizing policy proposals