2017 Heritage Hustings

2017 Heritage Hustings

When: 18 April 2017 from 6pm-8pm.

Where: Saint Stephen’s Stockbridge, Saint Stephen Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AB.

Organiser: Edinburgh World Heritage. Supported by Built Environment Forum Scotland

For World Heritage Day 2017, Edinburgh World Heritage will be hosting the city’s first ever ‘Heritage Hustings’ against the backdrop of Playfair’s majestic St. Stephen’s Church. This is your chance to question the candidates on the heritage issues you feel strongly about such as the contribution of new development to the city, the care and maintenance of historic buildings, issues of planning control, and the balance between the needs of visitors and residents.

Joining us for the evening will be Councillors Alex Lunn (SNP), Ian Perry (Labour), Joanna Mowat (Conservative) and Nigel Bagshaw (Green). We are also delighted that Sandy Stoddart, the Queen’s Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland, will join the panel to provide his unique perspective on the importance of Edinburgh’s heritage for the future of the city.

After the hustings you’ll be invited to meet the candidates as well as your Edinburgh World Heritage team.

The event is free but booking is recommended.