Making and Re-Making Glasgow: Heritage and Sustainability

Making and Re-Making Glasgow: Heritage and Sustainability

Date: Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM.

Venue: Mackintosh Queen’s Cross, 870 Garscube Rd, Glasgow, G20 7EL.

Organiser: Society of Architectural Historians.

The SAH Glasgow Seminar is part of the 70th Annual International Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians, which takes place in Glasgow June 7-11. The Seminar is open to the public and will bring together speakers, conference delegates, and local residents in conversation about the ways in which advocacy for heritage and sustainability can work in concert with one another. The Seminar will reflect on these terms broadly, exploring heritage as a public engagement with architectural, cultural, and civic history, and considering sustainability in its economic, community, and environmental perspectives. Speakers will discuss: How best can Glasgow (and by extension other post-industrial cities) balance heritage and sustainability for the future? How might these two drivers of the urban form—rather than being perceived as opposing forces—interrelate in support of the community, the environment, and good design?


  • Lynn Abrams, University of Glasgow
  • Hannah Victoria Connelly, University of Glasgow
  • Martin Bellamy, Glasgow Museums
  • Chris Leslie, artist and filmmaker
  • Ranald MacInnes, Historic Environment Scotland
  • Anne McChlery, Glasgow Building Preservation Trust
  • Catherine Provan, The Tenement House, National Trust for Scotland
  • Marina Moskowitz, Local SAH Conference Chair, University of Glasgow
  • Sandy Isenstadt, SAH Conference Chair, University of Delaware

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