Rediscovering the spirit of the Mackintosh

Rediscovering the spirit of the Mackintosh

Date: November 28th 2019 from 6 – 7.30pm.
Venue: The Lighthouse, 11 Mitchell Lane, Glasgow, G1 3NU.

So much of the fabric of the iconic Glasgow School of Art building was destroyed in the devastating fire of June 2018 – the building currently exists largely in the virtual world of recordings, drawings, scholarly essays and memories. Over a year later, the Mackintosh Building is slowly beginning to piece together its future again, a journey of making the intangible tangible.Icon Scotland Group is delighted to welcome Project Manager Liz Davidson who will explore the task of the reconstruction project for this year’s Harold Plenderleith Memorial Lecture.

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception and is preceded by Icon Scotland Group’s AGM from 5.15 -5.45pm to which all Group members are invited.

Plenderleith lecture: After the dust has settled – rediscovering the spirit of the Mackintosh