Shaping New Places Through The Human-Centered Smart City

Shaping New Places Through The Human-Centered Smart City

Date & Time: Tuesday 5th February 2019 at 18:00 – 19:45

Venue: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh

How can the ‘Smart City’ be imagined as a place for people, where technology is servant, not master? How is the ‘Smart City’ understood by different cities internationally? How are wellbeing and human flourishing, climate change, inclusive growth, and other pressing agendas addressed through this concept? If not ‘smart’ then what would a city be?

These are the questions we will attempt to address at the RSA Edinburgh Area Network re-launch in February. This and other questions continue to challenge politicians, policy-makers, business and academia alike. There is much literature but as yet no coherent theory on the Smart City. It has equally been characterized as an ICT-driven development owned by powerful corporations. Or in contrast, as indicated by the New Urban Agenda, seen as a visionary ideal that embraces sustainable and inclusive prosperity where technology helps enable a socially progressive society.

Join us to hear Dr. Luca Mora talk about his recent co-authored research on these important futures themes and debate the issues. Dr. Mora is the co-author of a 2018 published paper in the journal Technological Forecasting and Social Change: Strategic Principles for Smart City Development – A Multiple Case Study Analysis of European Best Practices. The themes that will be covered include: the development paths of Smart Cities; strategic principles for building Smart Cities; and an analysis of European best practices.

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