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The newly updated Heritage Careers Guide 2023-2024 is out. Written by Prof. Ian Baxter of Heriot-Watt University (and BEFS Vice-Chair). It is designed to help students, graduates and prospective workers in the heritage sector find opportunities to enter into the various fields within heritage. It signposts a wide range of resources. BEFS Bulletin readers are encouraged to get in touch with feedbacks and suggestions for future editions, contact Prof. Ian Baxter, details available in the Guide or on BEFS website.

Culture Counts, the network of arts, heritage, and creative industries organisations in Scotland has announced the appointment of a new Director, Lorraine (Lori) Anderson. Culture Counts works to protect and develop the culture sector for the common good. Lori has extensive experience working across heritage, arts and the creative sector, including in fundraising, capital development and most recently in international projects. BEFS have worked with Culture Counts in relation to the National Partnership for Culture, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Scotland’s Towns Partnership have also announced a change in leadership, with the departure of Phil Prentice, Chief Officer for the past eight-and-a-half years. Phil has been an incredible champion of Scotland’s towns and played a pivotal part in ensuring the vision to create a new future for them has not just been developed, but is being acted on. Kimberley Guthrie will be interim Chief Officer whilst a permanent replacement is sought.

Glasgow City Heritage Trust (GCHT) has launched the second Podcast series of: ‘If Glasgow’s walls could talk’ exploring the relationships between Glasgow’s historic buildings, places and communities. In the first episode of Series 2 Dr Emily Munro, Curator and Learning Officer at the National Library for Scotland’s Moving Image Archive, has an enlightening discussion with Niall Murphy about Glasgow on film.

Six new members were appointed to : Gemma Butterfield, Joe Doogan, Simon Hodge, Gary Jebb, Ann Leslie and Anne-Marie O’Hara. The appointments will be for four years and will run from 20 March 2023 to 19 March 2027. BEFS congratulate all the appointees.

The end of the financial year always brings forth change, and many publications as teams, departments, and areas of work come to either a natural end, or the end of a reporting cycle; see the vast amount of publications below for evidence of this. This year, due to changes within the SNP leadership, we also have a new Cabinet for the Scottish Government. For a fuller assessment of what roles remain, have changed, and where BEFS expects to focus its public affairs energy please see BEFS Director’s blog.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has produced its Sixth Assessment Report (AR6). IPCC published its Headline Statements document briefly explaining the overarching conclusions of the approved Summary for Policymakers such as Current Status and Trends, Future Climate Change, Risks, and Long-Term Responses and Responses in the Near Term. “Climate change is a threat to human well-being and planetary health with a very high confidence there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all,” and calls for action and increased cooperation.

In Consultations you will see that, The British Standard Institute (BSI) is developing “PAS 2035 Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency – Specification and guidance” and asking for comments on the proposed draft. The scope of PAS 2035 includes: assessment of dwellings for retrofit; identification and evaluation of improvement options (energy efficiency measures, or EEMs); design and specification of EEMs (whether individual measures or packages of multiple measures); and monitoring and evaluation of retrofit projects.

Heritage Delivers, an alliance of heritage organisations in Northern Ireland, connecting the sector to protect and promote the value of Northern Ireland’s historic environment have refreshed the Heritage Delivers | Treasure the Past, Enrich the Future website with recent additions to news, events as well as case studies and publications sections.

And finally, Under One Roof is expanding the retrofit section of their website to cover the basics of retrofit, retrofit solutions for tenement buildings, and financing retrofit. If you have any suggestions for elements that you would like to see, please email Under One Roof.



Whole Life Carbon Assessment for the Built Environment, RICS Professional Standard, 2nd edition
Consultation on the second edition of whole life carbon assessments in the built environment – a standard which mandates a methodology to track all carbon emissions from production of materials, construction process, use and disposal of built assets over their entire life cycle.
Closes 18 April 2023

Gaelic Language Plan 2023-2026 Consultation
Views are invited on the HES Gaelic Language Plan 2023-2026. The plan will set out how HES intends to increase the use, learning and promotion of Gaelic and builds on the success of its 2018-2023 plan which was the first Gaelic Language Plan for the organisation.
Closes 19 April 2023

PAS 2035 Retrofitting dwellings for improved energy efficiency – Specification and guidance
British Standard Institute
Comments sought to inform the development of PAS 2035 on the requirements for retrofit of dwellings as part of a British Standard Institute (BSI) Standards Solutions projects.
Closes 26 April 2023

International Culture Strategy: Survey
Scottish Government
Views sought to inform the development of a strategy to support the international aspirations and potential of Scotland’s culture sector.
Closes 26 April 2023

Community Wealth Building
Scottish Government
Views are being sought on the internationally recognised Community Wealth Building (CWB) approach to economic development, as a key practical means for the Scottish Government to make progress towards realising the wellbeing economy vision outlined in the National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET).
Closes 9 May 2023

Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan
Scottish Government
This consultation seeks views on the vision and the actions to transition to an affordable, resilient and clean energy system set out in the draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan as well as understanding how maximum social and economic benefits from the energy transition for Scotland can be secured.
Closes 9 May 2023

National Outcomes review 2023: Consultation information pack
Scottish Government
The Scottish Government want to hear from people and communities across Scotland about whether their National Outcomes continue to reflect the kind of Scotland we want to see. They would also like to hear about how the National Performance Framework could have a bigger impact.
Closes 5 June 2023

Edinburgh Council: Conservation & Adaptation
(Edinburgh Council 31/03/2023)
Views being sought by Edinburgh Council on challenges faced by property owners adapting and repairing historic homes
*NEW* Closes 11 June 2023



Nature Scot: Advice to Ministers following Consultation on new National Park(s) in Scotland (16/03/2023)



Historic Houses and Country Land and Business Association: Successes and failures of heritage protection. Report from a survey of members who own or manage heritage (CLA December 2022)

Vision paper: Culture, health and wellbeing (Centre for Cultural Value January 2023)

AR6 Synthesis Report: Climate Change 2023 (IPCC March 2023)
Including Summary for Policymakers figures with a set of telling visual illustrations and detailed explanations; for example Figure SPM.7 shows multiple opportunities for scaling up climate action, which highlights the roles urban planning and land use as well as buildings can play in climate adaptation and mitigation options.

Net Zero Heat Market View (Scottish National Investment Bank March 2023)

Museums Galleries Scotland Business Plan 2023-2023 (MGS March 2023)

20-Minute Neighbourhoods – A Community Perspective (Living Streets 07/03/2023)



Unlocking Ambition: Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Guide (Scot Gov March 2023)

Community Planning Inquiry: Post-Legislative Scrutiny of the Community Empowerment Act 2015 (Scot Gov 14/03/2023)

Sustainability projects within the Scottish Government: EIR release (Scot Gov 14/03/2023)

Department of Culture, Media & Sports: areas of research interest (UK Gov 16/03/2023)

SPICe Spotlight: UK Budget 2023 – the Hunt for growth (Scot Parl 16/03/2023)

Building improvement requirements and financial assistance: FOI release (Scot Gov 16/03/2023)

Letter from Deputy First Minister to Prime Minister following Spring 2023 budget announcement about funding for carbon capture storage (Scot Gov 16/03/2023)

Building Planning and Buildings Standards: FOI release (Scot Gov 17/03/2023)

Letter from Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government Shona Robison MSP to Convener, Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee, Ariane Burgess MSP regarding publication of research on Empty Homes (Scot Gov 20/03/2023)

Promoting Scotland Internationally: Scottish Affairs Committee – Oral Evidence Report (UK Gov 20/03/2023)

Area Based Schemes: annual final measures reports 2021-2022 (Scot Gov 20/03/2023)
details of all the Area Based Schemes’ home energy efficiency measures by tenure and local authority area.

Scotland’s Carbon Footprint 1998 – 2019 (Scot Gov 21/03/2023)

Labour market and skills projections: 2020 to 2035 (UK Gov 21/03/2023)

Tourism Recovery Plan Update on Delivery March 2023 (UK Gov 21/03/2023)

The Town and Country Planning (Development Planning) (Scotland) Regulations 2023 (Scot Gov 24/03/2023)
Provisions supporting a new way of preparing LDPs that will result in new style plans that manage the use of land in the long-term public interest.

The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 (Commencement No. 12 and Saving and Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2023 (Scot Gov 24/03/2023)

Local Development Plan evidence report – defining Gypsies and Travellers: consultation analysis (Scot Gov 24/03/2023)

Supporting creative enterprises – exploring the impact of infrastructure and place-based initiatives (SPICe 27/03/2023)

Building Standards Enforcement Handbook – First Edition (Scot Gov 27/03/2023)

Written submissions on Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development and Use Classes) (Scotland) Miscellaneous Amendment Order 2023
Rollout of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging infrastructure and the resilience and recovery of city, town and local centres through placemaking and change in use in buildings (Scot Parl 28/03/2023)

Consumer Scotland Annual Work Programme (Consumer Scotland 29/03/2023)

Public appointment: Members appointed to Historic Environment Scotland (Scot Gov 29/03/2023)

Place Directors Factsheet – Scottish Government representation in local authority and Community Planning Partnership areas (Scot Gov 29/03/2023)

Powering Up Britain – The Net Zero Growth Plan (UK Gov 30/03/2023)

Climate Change Act – Section 72: thirteenth annual report (Scot Gov 31/03/2023)
highlighting that future reports should consider changes to building regulations and heat standards in order to establish whether Section 3F continues to be needed.

National Islands Plan Annual Report 2022 (Scot Gov 31/03/2023)
setting out progress made during the 2022 reporting year including historic environment and heritage projects.

Planning Application Statistics stakeholder feedback survey 2023: results (Scot Gov 03/04/2023)

Skills: Shared Outcomes Assurance Group minutes: 28 February 2023 (Scot Gov 03/04/2023)
Including Pathfinders – Net Zero (SOAG/22/06) and Commercial and Domestic Heat in Buildings (SOAG/22/07) and Deep dive: apprenticeships – ‘unlocking potential’.



Improvement Service publishes new business plan for 2023/24 (IS March 2023)

Glasgow City Heritage Trust Bursaries (GCHT 13/03/2023)
GCHT are inviting applications to their new bursary scheme for postgraduate students undertaking dissertation research focussing on any aspect of Glasgow’s historic built environment

Chartered Institute of Building supports Scottish charter on construction quality (CIOB 16/03/2023)

New climate adaptation tool for communities launched (Community Councils 17/03/2023)

Key Agencies Group’s new offer to support local authority collaborative place-based approaches to development plan preparations (A&DS 21/03/2023)
22 local authorities across Scotland have expressed an interest in the offer of support for a place-based approach to gathering evidence and reporting.

Consumer protection: enabling sustainable choices and ending greenwashing (European Commission 22/03/2023)

Scotland Loves Local goes digital (Scot Gov 25/03/2023)
A scheme aimed at boosting trade in town and city centres is going digital.

More than £24million awarded to heritage projects across the UK (Heritage Fund 28/03/2023)

Arts & Business Scotland becomes Culture & Business Scotland with new identity and strategic vision (Culture & Business Scotland 28/03/2023)

Progress in adapting to climate change (England) – 2023 Report to Parliament (Climate Change Committee 29/03/2023)



Net zero: Navigating the built environment’s route to COP28 (RICS 23/02/2023)

Au revoir automobile: are cities better without cars? (RICS MODUS 09/03/2023)

The 15-minute city is something worth fighting for (Architects’ Journal 13/03/2023)

Built environment must sympathetically blend our surroundings to promote wellbeing (Project Scotland 14/03/2023)

Don’t turn away from town centres – Mhairi Donaghy (The Scotsman 16/03/2023)

Visitors to the UK’s leading attractions down 25% on pre-Covid numbers (The Guardian 17/03/2023)

Scotland travel: Tourist sites see visitor numbers soar (The Herald 17/03/2023)

NPF4 and the definition of ‘affordable’ housing (CaCHE 17/03/2023)

Interview with Eugen Vaida, founder of the Ambulance for Monuments and finalist of the Religious Heritage Innovator of the Year (Future for Religious Heritage 20/03/2023)

Whether we like it or not, planning is a narrative art (The Planner 21/03/2023)

How just walking around – even when accompanied by an adult – is empowering for children (The Conversation 21/03/2023)

Misinformation hubs: How social media is fuelling misrepresentation of planning (The Planner 21/03/2023)

Carbon warning over Glasgow flats demolition (BBC News 23/03/2023)

UK’s top asset manager warns of ‘bumpy ride’ through green transition (Financial Times 29/03/2023)

First look inside the new £45 million Paisley Museum (The Herald 03/04/2023)

Cold, damp, overcrowded homes cause mental and physical problems and keeps patients trapped in hospitals, costing the NHS £1.4bn a year (The Times 03/04/2023)

Scottish tourism on road to recovery as attraction visitor numbers soar (Daily Record 05/04/2023)



Questions marked with a triangle (?) are initiated by the Scottish Government to facilitate the provision of information to the Parliament. Questions in which a member has indicated a declarable interest are marked with an “R”.

Donald Cameron, Highlands and Islands, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 01/03/2023
S6W-15473 R
To ask the Scottish Government what powers are available to (a) local authorities and (b) other public bodies to take action to address empty homes in Scotland.
Current status: Answered by Shona Robison on 20 March 2023

Ross Greer, West Scotland, Scottish Green Party
Date lodged: 15/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to revise national planning rules in relation to domestic energy microgeneration, such as photovoltaic arrays on roofs, in conservation areas, following the publication of the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).
Current status: Answered by Tom Arthur on 21 March 2023

Jenni Minto, Argyll and Bute, Scottish National Party
Date lodged: 15/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government how it is supporting the regeneration of cultural assets and venues in communities.
Current status: Taken in the Chamber on 22 March 2023

Liam Kerr, North East Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 16/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government, further to the answer to question S6W-13337 by Patrick Harvie on 10 January 2023 (homes deemed technically unsuitable for an air source heat pump), whether it will provide an update on whether it has published the data, in light of it already being used for policy formulation and implementation, and of it committing to publishing it “early this year”.
Current status: Answered by Patrick Harvie on 23 March 2023

Liam Kerr, North East Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 17/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government how many planning application appeals it has received in each of the last five years on the grounds of non-determination, where a local authority has been unable to reach a decision within six months, broken down by (a) local authority area and (b) type of application.
Current status: Answered by Tom Arthur on 23 March 2023

Liz Smith, Mid Scotland and Fife, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 14/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government when it plans to consult on removing the 50kW threshold above which permitted development rights do not apply for solar panels on commercial rooftops.
Current status: Answered by Tom Arthur on 23 March 2023

Liam McArthur, Orkney Islands, Scottish Liberal Democrats
Date lodged: 23/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government, in light of its commitment to “phasing out the need to install new or replacement fossil fuel boilers in off gas properties from 2025”, as set out in its Heat in Buildings Strategy, whether it plans to offer support to help people move to zero or low emissions heating systems rapidly at points of distress, such as the sudden unexpected failure of a fossil fuel boiler.
Current status: Answered by Patrick Harvie on 28 March 2023

Douglas Lumsden, North East Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 22/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government what analysis it has undertaken of any potential impact of local authorities decreasing relief on non-domestic rates for empty, listed properties.
Current status: Answered by Tom Arthur on 5 April 2023

Mark Griffin, Central Scotland, Scottish Labour,
Date lodged: 20/03/2023
S6W-15861 R
To ask the Scottish Government whether any Unique Property Reference Numbers, that are used in the property registers held by Registers of Scotland or any other publicly available property registers for which it is responsible, match across all of the registers, and what information it has on whether these numbers match with any Unique Property Reference Numbers used in the Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register.
To ask the Scottish Government which (a) property registers held by Registers of Scotland and (b) other publicly available property registers for which it is responsible, use Unique Property Reference Numbers, and what information it has on whether the same of similar Unique Property Reference Numbers are used in the Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register.
Current status: Answer expected on 17 April 2023

Debate on the Transition to a Wellbeing Economy
Date lodged: 20/03/2023
Debate on the Motion regarding Scotland’s transition to a wellbeing economy.

Debate on Secondary Education (Vocational and Technical Qualifications)
Date lodged: 20/03/2023
Debate on the Motion regarding expansion of vocational and technical qualifications in Scotland’s secondary schools, including building courses from bricklaying to retrofitting.

Liam McArthur, Orkney Islands, Scottish Liberal Democrats
Date lodged: 21/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government for what reason grant and loan support is not available through Home Energy Scotland for air-to-air heating systems.
Current status: Answer expected on 18 April 2023

Foysol Choudhury, Lothian, Scottish Labour
Date lodged: 22/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government what routes it has made available for local residents to appeal planning application decisions made by its reporters, in cases where they cannot afford the legal fees and are not entitled to legal aid.
Current status: Answer expected on 19 April 2023

Miles Briggs, Lothian, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 23/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government what plans it has to develop and support a town planning apprenticeship scheme.
Current status: Answer expected on 20 April 2023

Ronnie Cowan, Inverclyde, Scottish National Party
Date: 27/03/2023
To ask the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities what discussions his Department plans to hold with the Scottish Government and local authorities on proposals to create an investment zone in Scotland.

Alexander Burnett, Aberdeenshire West, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 28/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government whether the level of information required from third sector organisations for grant applications has increased compared with previous years, and, if so, what the reasons are for this, and what consideration it has given to the ability of these organisations to access funding.
Current status: Answer expected on 25 April 2023

Stephen Kerr, Central Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 28/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government what meetings it has held with chairs of planning authorities regarding the implementation of the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).
To ask the Scottish Government what meetings it has held with housing developers regarding the implementation of the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).
To ask the Scottish Government what meetings it has held with Heads of Planning Scotland regarding the implementation of the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4).
Current Status: Answer expected on 25 April 2023

Stephen Kerr, Central Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
Date lodged: 28/03/2023
To ask the Scottish Government what guidance it has provided to Historic Environment Scotland for the financial year 2023-24.
To ask the Scottish Government how it is supporting Historic Environment Scotland in its efforts to preserve historic buildings.
To ask the Scottish Government how much funding it provided to (a) Historic Scotland and (b) Historic Environment Scotland in each year since 2007.
Current Status: Answer expected on 25 April 2023



For further listings, please see our events calendar.

Institute of Civil Engineers – Exhibition: Time is running out; help engineer a net zero world
Date & Time:  Saturday 1 – Thursday 13 April 2023
Location: Glasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA
The Institution of Civil Engineers Scotland exhibition highlights the ways civil engineers are making things better for people and the planet. Featuring original hand-drawn illustrations and animations, the exhibition explores the role of civil engineers in creating the infrastructure needed to fight climate change and reach net zero targets.

Scottish Historic Buildings Trust – Gone with the Wynd: A Shopper’s Prehistory of the Tron Kirk
Date & Time: Wednesday 12 April 2023; 5:30-7:30pm
Location: Riddles Court, 322 Lawnmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2PG
Before the Tron Kirk was built in the 1630’s, wooden shops lined the wynds, selling both the exotic and mundane. The residents were equally intriguing, tailors and booksellers, widows remarrying, five nuns, and a pioneering spinster ‘being and abyding without marriage’. Meet the ancestors!” A lecture by Morag Cross.

CIfA2023 Sustainable futures – standards, skills and the profession
Date & Time: Wednesday 19 – Friday 21 April 2023
Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nottingham; Online via Zoom
CIfA2023 will incorporate keynote addresses, wide-ranging sessions and training workshops in a live and virtual forum. The conference is the premiere professional archaeological conference in the UK, attracting hundreds of participants across the heritage environment sector.
CIfA2023 will be a livestreamed conference; hosted live in Nottingham and streamed online to offer attendees the same flexibility they experienced in 2022, whilst learning from experience to allow for the best digital user experience.

UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence – Delivering Scotland’s fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4)
Date & Time: Monday 24 April 2023; 10am-4pm
Location: Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow, 11 Chapel Lane, Glasgow G11 6EW
Scotland’s fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4) seeks to prioritise projects that will help to tackle the climate crisis and reach net zero through the sustainable development of communities and the economy. Attention now turns to delivering NPF4 and what it will take to do this effectively. Concerns remain around resourcing, monitoring and evaluation, to name a few.

RICS Scotland Conference
Date & Time: Wednesday 26 April 2023; 8:30am-4:30pm
Location: The Technology and Innovation Centre, Glasgow G1 1RD
The programme will focus on sustainability and the role of professionals in helping achieve net zero in Scotland, with presentations and a choice of break-out sessions covering topics across land, property and the built environment. There will be key-note speeches from Professor Sir John Curtice, University of Strathclyde, Roger Esson MRICS, Head of Industry & Partner Network, Net Zero Technology and Morag Angus FRICS, Chief Surveyor and Head of Property and Construction, The Scottish Government Centre, as well as RICS new President, Ann Gray FRICS.

SURF – Successful approaches to housing led regeneration – SURF Award Shared Learning Event
Date & Time: Thursday 4 May 2023; 10am-1pm
Location: Wheatley House, 25 Cochrane Street, Glasgow, G1 1HL
This free SURF Awards workshop event offers an opportunity to explore successful approaches to housing led regeneration initiatives providing wider community outcomes. The winning and highly commended projects from the ‘Housing and Regeneration’ category highlighted in the 2022 SURF Awards process will provide commentary on their experiences and transferable learning.

Institute of Historic Building Conservation – Aberdeen meeting and Deeside conservation study tour
Date & Time: Friday 12 – Saturday 13 May 2023; 7:30-9:30pm Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday
An evening reception at Aberdeen Advocates Library on Friday 12 May, with short presentations and a networking opportunity for people professionally involved in the historic built environment, will be followed by a tour on Saturday. Travel via minibus to NTS Craigievar Castle, currently scaffolded to allow a close look at the harl, and on to Finzean sawmills. £20 each day To book, email IHBC



Social Enterprise Academy– Steps to Sustainability: Skills Sessions
Date & Time: 16 March-11 May 2023
Location: Online
Range of training sessions for those working in the Heritage Sector covering: Retail Management Essentials, Digital Engagement, Fundraising, Marketing & PR, and Alternative Sources of Finance.

Date & Time: Tuesday 18 April 2023; 3-6pm
Location: 15 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BE
This session is designed for architects who want to run a successful business without sacrificing their artistic vision. Learn from industry experts and gain practical skills including how to calculate hourly rates, prepare robust terms of appointment, plan for profitability, and manage client changes.

Scottish Lime Centre Trust – Retrofitting Traditional Buildings: Principles and Practice
Date & Time: Wednesday 19 & 26 April 2023; 9:30am-1pm
Location: Online via Zoom
An online technical masterclass, running over 2 half days, covering emerging research, best practice and case studies in the field of upgrading traditional and historic buildings. Addressing the following questions:  How do we protect our traditional buildings but make them fit for the future? What are the risks for small- and large-scale retrofit projects? How can unintended consequences be addressed when upgrading solid-walled buildings? The Whole Building Approach to retrofit!

Icon Scotland – Creating Conservation Videos Workshop
Date & Time: Thursday 11, 18 & 25 May 2023; 9-11am
Location: Online via Zoom
Over three sessions, learn about creating conservation video content to be used to educate, promote and share the profession. The workshop will cover the start-to-finish workflow for creating conservation videos, ethical and legal considerations of sharing conservation content, platforms and methods that support video content, and tips and tricks, such as repurposing footage. Sessions will take place one week apart and will allow attendees to create their own videos and receive feedback from the instructor.



The Cockburn Association – Chair
The Cockburn Association is seeking to recruit a new Chair to replace Professor Cliff Hague OBE, who retires from the position in May 2023 following 6 years of excellent service. In 2025, the Cockburn will celebrate its 150th anniversary. The new Chair will help frame the celebrations of this significant landmark event, which will include a major civic reception and publication. A key objective of the Chair is to drive the development of the Cockburn ‘brand’, increasing the support base and reaching out to stakeholders across the city, existing and new.  The Chair will be expected to bring their own network into the Association where possible and act as a figurehead to members and supporters.
Further information and a role description is available from the Director, Terry Levinthal: 0131-557-8686

The National Trust for Scotland – Heritage Compliance Officer
Salary: £34,376-£38,027 (subject to experience)
Status: Full-time (flexible working possible)
Location: Hybrid working, available for meetings in Edinburgh
The National Trust for Scotland is looking to recruit a heritage compliance officer to help identify and manage the conservation and operations risks. This is a unique opportunity to work across all aspects of a major heritage organisation, liaising with colleagues in all disciplines.
All enquiries and applications should be addressed to: Diarmid Hearns, Head of Public Policy, Risk and Environment