HES in the Draft Budget 2017-18

Details pertaining to Historic Environment Scotland in the Scottish Government’s Draft Budget.

newsThe Scottish Government announced the draft budget on 15 December and it includes details for Historic Environment Scotland.

Capital expenditure is raised by £2.2m and resource reduced by £1.5m. HES is anticipated to raise an additional £4.9m thorugh its own activities. Grants dispensed by HES on behalf of the Scottish Governmnet are to be maintained at the existing level of £14.5m, a figure which has remained static since 2006.

This is the section relevant to Historic Environment Scotland:

Historic Environment Scotland (HES)

Table 12.05: More Detailed Spending Plans (Level 3)

Level 3 2016-17
Operational Costs 81.6 81.4 84.8
Capital Expenditure 3.4 3.4 5.6
Less Income (40.0) (40.0) (44.9)
Total 45.0 44.8 45.5
of which:
DEL Resource 41.6 41.4 39.9
DEL Capital 3.4 3.4 5.6

What the budget does

HES is the lead public body for the historic environment in Scotland, and takes the lead in delivering Scotland’s historic environment strategy Our Place in Time, in addition to having delegated responsibility for the care and management of Scottish Ministers’ Properties in Care. A significant portion of the grant-in-aid funding which HES receives is passed on to Scottish communities by way of grant schemes which fund the regeneration of Scotland’s town centres and the repair of historic buildings. Between 2006 and 2016, grants amounting to £140.6 million assisted repairs to the historic environment of over £591.3 million, evidencing the significant leverage that historic environment investment can deliver.

In 2017-18 HES will:

  • promote and deliver a range of events in support of Scotland’s year of history, heritage and archaeology;
  • continue to offer grant support to deliver benefits for communities by helping regenerate and promote the active use, care and maintenance of the historic environment, broadening access to it, promoting sustainable economic development and reinforcing local identity and sense of place;
  • provide expert advice and guidance to encourage informed decision-making and achieve the right balance between conservation and sustainable change;
  • promote learning and education to enhance knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the historic environment, delivering learning programmes linked to the Curriculum for Excellence, to National and Vocational Qualifications and to opportunities in further and higher education; and
  • maintain our funding for the Historic Environment Scotland external grants scheme at existing levels.

Full budget details are found here.