Measuring Success

What does success look like for Scotland’s historic environment? The Historic Environment Strategy for Scotland Our Place in Time provides a clear vision for Scotland’s historic environment. It also poses a new challenge around how we go about measuring success in delivering the priorities set out in the strategy.

During 2014-16 BEFS convened a steering group to develop a performance measurement framework for the historic environment strategy Our Place in Time (OPiT). The Strategy recognises the need for organisations and individuals to work together towards a common purpose. It highlights the need to enhance the evidence base for the sector as a whole to demonstrate impact. The steering group was one of a number of ‘OPiT working groups’ which were set up to deliver the Strategy.

BEFS consulted with stakeholders on how to go about ‘measuring success’ – the findings of the consultation can be read here. The steering group went on to develop a set of strategic outcomes and associated indicators, which can be viewed here and are summarised here.

Measures will now be developed to support these indicators by six working groups which are being convened by Historic Environment Scotland to enable delivery of the Strategy.

Monitoring progress and evaluating impact