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First Minister John Swinney recently announced his new cabinet and ministerial team. The reshuffle presents a range of changes, most notably the loss of a Minister with responsibility for Culture. However, it is the changes in language that BEFS considers most significant; you can read more on those changes, and the potential alterations to the National Performance Framework, in BEFS Director’s most recent blog.

Last week also saw the Tenement Maintenance Working Group have an event at the Scottish Parliament to promote the consultation related to the long-awaited Scottish Law Commission discussion paper on Owner’s Associations. We commend the work done to this point and hope that all those with an interest in this area will respond to the consultation paper.

BEFS was delighted to collaborate with a wide range of partners on the CIOB-led report Meeting Scotland’s Retrofit Challenge: Solutions from the Industry.  Co-designed to highlight the unique challenges associated with the widescale uptake of retrofit, the report identifies opportunities and ways to mitigate barriers. The document encourages government action through key policy recommendations, including establishing a Ministerial Oversight Group on Retrofit and developing a long-term Retrofit Delivery Plan with a joined-up approach to funding, regulating, and incentivising retrofit work across Scotland.

When it comes to meeting challenges, we also want to draw readers’ attention to the publication from The Heritage Alliance: On The Brink: Heritage in the Cost-of-Living Crisis- Heritage Alliance Insight Report. This report sets out the critical effects of the ongoing cost of living crisis on heritage. Following 18 months of data gathering, the research highlights how new challenges have deepened cracks in the foundations of our sector.

Scotland’s Towns Partnership (STP) and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) have announced a new strategic partnership to promote and protect Scotland’s historic environment. The collaboration will raise awareness of HES funding programmes and the new Historic Environment sector strategy, with a focus on what they mean for towns. STP Chief Officer Kimberley Guthrie emphasised the partnership’s potential to support communities in preserving and enhancing their cultural assets and historic town centre buildings. At the same time, Alison Turnbull from HES highlighted the opportunity to advocate for heritage as a key element of successful placemaking.

The Glasgow School of Art (GSA) and the Landmark Trust are both embarking on significant projects to save and restore iconic historic buildings in Scotland. While the Landmark Trust has secured funding worth £5.3 million from the National Heritage Memorial Fund to acquire and stabilize Mavisbank House, the GSA is updating its business case for the faithful reinstatement of the fire-damaged Mackintosh Building, alongside arbitration proceedings with insurers. Both projects highlight the role of cultural heritage in regenerating local areas.

And finally, CIfA has announced the appointment of a new CEO Nathan Baker, who will join in early June. Nathan replaces Peter Hinton, who is retiring from the role after more than 25 years. We extend our sincere appreciation to Pete for his extensive and well-informed involvement with BEFS over the years and wish him the best in his retirement.



Housing (Scotland) Bill Call for Views
Scottish Parliament
The Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee and Social Justice and Social Security Committee are seeking views on the Housing (Scotland) Bill. The Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee is the lead committee for the Bill, but the Social Justice and Social Security Committee will consider Part 5 (making provision about homelessness prevention) and Part 6 (insofar as it relates to fuel poverty) as these matters fall within its remit.
Closes 17 May 2024

Call for Views on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill
Scottish Parliament
The Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee is seeking your views on the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill. The Bill was introduced by the Scottish Government on 13 March and covers land reform – there are various provisions imposing requirements in relation to owners of larger estates and the transfer of larger estates; lease for environmental purposes – the Bill requires the Scottish Government to publish a model lease for environmental purposes; and small landholdings and agricultural tenancies – there are various provisions in the Bill which the Scottish Government says are to modernise the law. Find out more about the Bill and read its accompanying documents
Closes 21 May 2024

Masterplan Consent Area Regulations
Scottish Government
The Planning (Scotland) Act 2019 introduced MCAs – which will enable planning authorities to take a place leadership role, by proactively consenting the type and quality of development they wish to see in their areas. The Masterplan consent area regulations consultation covers the type of development which can be authorised, potential locations for MCAs and the procedures for making a scheme. It includes two sets of regulations: covering the main process for making MCA schemes and relating to EIA of MCA schemes. The separate consultation on ‘Investing in Planning’ also includes proposals for recouping costs of preparing MCA schemes.
Closes 22 May 2024

Development plan amendment regulations
Scottish Government
With the move to National Planning Framework (NPF) and Local Development Plans (LDPs) having a review period of 10 years, the 2019 Act introduced the provision for them to be amended between full review cycles. This enables the planning system to respond where newly emerging matters arise.
The development plan amendment regulations consultation covers proposals for the regulations. The aim is for procedures to amend both NPF and LDP to be proportionate and to provide a process that is more responsive and streamlined, whilst balancing the need for robust justification, engagement, and scrutiny. This will ultimately give decision makers some flexibility of process, based on the scale and significance of the amendments.
Closes 22 May 2024

Investing in Planning
Scottish Government
This consultation on resourcing Scotland’s planning system is in response to current resourcing challenges. It builds on ideas generated in a stakeholder workshop held in November 2023 and sets out a series of proposals which aim to improve capacity and build resilience particularly within planning authorities.  In addition to inviting stakeholder views on the proposals outlined, the consultation encourages stakeholders to suggest further ideas on alternative ways to support delivery and build resilience.
Closes 31 May 2024

National Performance Framework: Inquiry into proposed National Outcomes
Scottish Parliament
The Scottish Government must, by law, review the National Outcomes for Scotland at least every five years. The Scottish Parliament must be consulted on proposed National Outcomes and considers the consultation the Government has carried out. The Scottish Government’s Report on proposed National Outcomes and its consultation was published on 2 May 2024. The Finance and Public Administration Committee is leading in considering the proposed National Outcomes, although some other Committees will wish to consider evidence in their areas of interest. There is one consultation for all Committees which seeks your views on the Government’s proposed National Outcomes.
*NEW* Closes 28 June 2024

Time limits for enforcement action for unauthorised Environmental Impact Assessment development
Scottish Government
Comments are invited on proposals to disapply Section 124 of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 (‘the 1997 Act’) concerning the time limits for taking enforcement action on unauthorised development which requires an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This follows a case of unauthorised development in Northern Ireland for which an EIA was required, but not undertaken. The need for EIA was only identified after the time limit for enforcement had expired and the development was immune from enforcement action. As the Scottish planning system is like the system in Northern Ireland, the Scottish Government considers it is possible, although unlikely, that a similar situation could arise in Scotland.
Closes 11 July 2024

Review of charity regulation
Scottish Government
The Scottish Government ran a consultation in 2019 about proposals the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) had made on improvements to the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. In response to that consultation, it was noted that some respondents wanted a wider review of charity regulation. This consultation aims to understand if people still feel that way and if so, what they think should be the purpose and parameters for a review.
*NEW* Closes 22 July 2024

Tenement law: compulsory owners’ associations
Scottish Law Commission
In March 2018, a Scottish Parliament Working Group was convened to explore what actions could be taken to improve the condition of Scotland’s tenements. The Scottish Law Commission’s project follows from a reference under the Law Commissions Act 1965 received on 10 January 2022 from the (then) Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government (Shona Robison MSP). The reference asks for recommendations to be made to implement the Working Group’s recommendation that all tenements should have an owners’ association. Consultation is critical in all law reform projects to ensure that the final recommendations would, if implemented, result in law which is just, principled, responsive, and easy to understand.
*NEW* Closes 1 August 2024

Compulsory Purchase Reform
Scottish Government
The Scottish Government have committed to reform and modernise compulsory purchase legislation. As a first step, they have established an advisory group to help support the reform programme. The group, to be co-chaired by the Chief Planner and Roseanna Cunningham, brings together several expert practitioners with first-hand experience of the compulsory purchase process. They recognise, however, that a range of organisations have an interest in this area and are consulting broadly and are keen to hear from a wide range of voices as the work moves forward.
Please get in touch at

Strategic Plan Survey – Scottish Civic Trust
The Scottish Civic Trust are refreshing their Strategic Plan. To inform their future activities they are surveying people across Scotland about key themes related to their work. All input will help them better empower Scotland’s communities to act for shared spaces and places. All survey results are anonymous and will be stored on a Google Drive to which only Scottish Civic Trust has access. Analysed and summarised survey results will be shared in reports to Scottish Civic Trust’s funders and may appear in their annual reports.



Parliamentary Report: Consultation with Parliament in connection with the Review of National Outcomes (Scot Parl 01/05/2024)



New guide on how to create 20-minute neighbourhood launched (University of Dundee 19/04/2024)

Scotland’s Towns Partnership joins forces with Historic Environment Scotland (STP 07/05/2024)

Polling shows strong UK public support for deposit return scheme roll out (Tomra/Diffley Partnership 08/05/2024)

Mavisbank House saved for the nation (National Heritage Memorial Fund 10/05/2024)

Glasgow School of Art in arbitration proceedings over Macintosh Building (Glasgow School of Art 10/05/2024)

7 Most Endangered programme 2025: Call for Nominations (Europa Nostra 14/05/2024)



UK Cities Intelligence – Issue 3: Retrofit at Scale (ARUP April 2024)

Understanding the 20-Minute Neighbourhood: Making opportunities for people to live well locally (University of Dundee April 2024)

Championing natural materials to de-risk retrofit (Sustainable Development Foundation 09/04/2024)

The impact of climate change on cultural heritage (European Parliament Think Tank 18/04/2024)

Scotland Visitor Survey 2023: Summary (Visit Scotland 07/05/2024)

Is the city planned and built for me? (Journal of Accessibility and Design for All 11/05/2024)
Citizens’ experiences of inclusion, exclusion and (un)equal living conditions in the built environment.

The Macroeconomic Policy Outlook Q2 2024 (The Resolution Foundation 13/05/2024)

Meeting Scotland’s Retrofit Challenge: solutions from the industry (CIOB and partners 15/05/2024)

On The Brink: Heritage in the Cost-of-Living Crisis- Heritage Alliance Insight Report (The Heritage Alliance 15/05/2024)



Heat networks regulation – consumer protection (UK Gov April 2024)

Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee [Draft] minutes (Scot Parl 16/04/2024)

Correspondence between the Regulatory Review Group and the Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity, about the forthcoming Circular Economy Bill (Scot Gov 30/04/2024)

Planning and environmental appeals: guidance for reporters (Scot Gov 30/04/2024)

National Infrastructure Planning Guidance Portal (UK Gov 30/04/2024)

Circular Economy (Scotland) Bill – Stage 2 Marshalled List and Revised Groupings of Amendments (Scot Parl 02/05/2024)

Correspondence between The Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee and Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee regarding EU tracker reports and future decarbonised heat in buildings (Scot Parl 02/05/2024)

Agriculture and Rural Communities (Scotland) Bill – Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment (Scot Gov 03/05/2024)

Planning permission appeals: housing development statistics (Scot Gov 07/05/2024)

Net Zero, Energy and Transport Committee Official Report (Scot Parl 07/05/2024)

Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee, 14th meeting 2024 (Scot Parl 07/05/2024)

Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee [Draft] minutes (Scot Parl 07/05/2024)

Scottish Budget 2022 to 2023: final outturn report (Scot Gov 08/05/2024)

Planning and environmental appeals: guidance for reporters (Scot Gov 08/05/2024)

Housing (Cladding Remediation) (Scotland) Bill – Stage 3 Marshalled List and Revised Groupings of Amendments, revised explanatory notes, supplementary financial memorandum and a supplementary delegated powers memorandum (Scot Parl 08/05/2024)

Scottish Government: Cabinet and Ministers (Scot Gov 10/05/2024)

4th Islands Forum opens up collaboration on housing for islands (UK Gov 11/05/2024)

Management of burial grounds, application for burial, exhumation, private burial and restoration of lairs – regulation: consultation analysis (Scot Gov 13/05/2024)

National Planning Framework 4 annual review – clerks note (Scot Parl 14/05/2024)



Why has the ‘15-minute city’ taken off in Paris but become a controversial idea in the UK? (The Guardian 06/04/2024)

The story of Glasgow’s built heritage that’s been left to rot (Glasgow Evening Time 01/05/2024)

RAAC concrete house was meant to be our forever home (BBC News 03/05/2024)

Neon, kilts, cricket bats: artisans gather to shine a light on Britain’s endangered crafts (The Guardian 04/05/2024)

Peter Reekie keeps net zero at front of Scottish Futures Trust’s agenda (Scottish Construction Now 07/05/2024)

Interpretation of National Planning Framework 4 – the Miller Homes, Tesco Stores and Wildcat Haven cases (Brodies LLP 07/05/2024)

‘We’d be losing part of ourselves’ – saving stained glass in Scotland (The Herald 11/05/2024)


Submitted by: Maurice Golden, Northeast Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party.
Date Lodged: 29/04/2024.
That the Parliament considers that tackling climate change is one of the greatest challenges that the world faces and that Scotland set world-leading targets; is disappointed at reports that the Scottish Government has no credible pathway to meet the interim 2030 target, described as too stretching with just six years left to reach it; understands that the Scottish Government has failed to meet eight of its last 12 emissions targets; notes the belief that a draft climate change plan must be introduced with the utmost urgency; further notes the view that transformational policies must be introduced to tackle, mitigate and adapt to climate change, in line with just transition principles, and considers that this process, as part of the journey to a more circular economy, will have benefits for Scotland, including communities in the North East Scotland region, as well as contribute to the global effort in tackling climate change.

Submitted by: Colin Beattie, Midlothian North and Musselburgh, Scottish National Party.
Date Lodged: 07/05/2024.
That the Parliament congratulates Archaeology Scotland’s Energy Through Time project, based in Midlothian, on receiving a share in funding from the Scottish Power Foundation; understands that Archaeology Scotland, formerly known as the Council for Scottish Archaeology, is a membership organisation that seeks to promote the understanding of archaeology in Scotland; notes that the group works with lay people and academia to help care for the great history of Scotland’s archaeological heritage; understands that the project will work with teachers, children and young people from the most deprived quintile to co-design inclusive and engaging enquiry-based learning activities and challenging skills development through levels two and three of the Employability Pipeline; believes that the funding will allow the group to continue what it sees as the valuable support that it provides, and thanks the group for its ongoing work and commitment to the community.

Submitted by: Mark Griffin, Central Scotland, Scottish Labour.
Date lodged: 13/05/2024.
The Parliament believes that Scotland is in a housing emergency.

Submitted by: Paul McLennan, East Lothian, Scottish National Party.
Date lodged: 13/05/2024.
The Parliament agrees that the Housing (Cladding Remediation) (Scotland) Bill be passed.



Link to Parliamentary Questions and Answers



For further listings, please see our events calendar

The Engine Shed – Heritage Science
Date & Time: Wednesday 22 May 2024; 09.30am-3.30pm (or ½ day 10am-12.45pm)
Location: The Engine Shed, Forthside Way, Stirling FK8 1QZ
An introduction to the applied use of material science in heritage conservation in Scotland. The day will provide an overview of how science is increasingly used – both in the lab and on site – to analyse the nature and condition of traditional materials in Scotland and beyond.

IHBC Scotland – Engineering in the Context of Traditional Buildings and Designated Heritage Assets
Date & Time: Wednesday 22 May 2024; 10am-4.30pm
Location: Bellfield Church, 16B Bellfield Street, Portobello, Edinburgh EH15 2BP
This in-person CPD event, led by conservation accredited structural engineer Ian Hume, will explore conservation philosophy from a structural engineering viewpoint. Participants will gain insights into how structures work, ways to avoid structural interventions, problems to look for, and methods for dealing with structural issues in traditional buildings and designated heritage assets. The event aims to help attendees better understand the challenges faced by structural engineers and identify heavy-handed solutions.

SURF Awards – Shared Learning Workshop: Using creativity in regeneration
Date & Time: Thursday 23 May 2024; 10am-1.30pm
Location: Civic House, 26 Civic St, Glasgow G4 9RH
Shared learning workshop featuring the winner and highly commended projects from the Creative Regeneration category of the 2023 SURF Awards, exploring successful approaches to linking creative arts and culture into regeneration initiatives.

The Engine Shed – Documenting Scotland’s Historic Environment
Date & Time: Wednesday 29 May 2024; 09.30am-4pm (or ½ day 10am-12.30pm)
Location: The Engine Shed, Forthside Way, Stirling FK8 1QZ
An introduction to the range of traditional and innovative methods for recording Scotland’s historic built environment. The three talks will introduce a range of 3D recording techniques, including survey methods and the latest innovations in digital documentation such as laser scanning and photogrammetry. It will also explore the benefits of different techniques and the types of outputs these forms of 3D data capture produce, which can be used for conservation and maintenance projects.

SPAB Scotland – Limeworking at Saddell Castle
Date: Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 June 2024
Location: Saddell, Kintyre PA28 6RA
Join SPAB Scotland for this weekend event at Category A listed Saddell Castle. Under the guidance of experts, you’ll learn traditional lime working techniques and carry out real repairs on a live site, as part of a major conservation project run by the Landmark Trust.

RIAS – Social Sustainability: Happiness or HelplessnessAnchorAnchor
Date & Time: Tuesday 4 June 2024; 1-4.30pm
Location: Online
The RIAS are delighted to host the upcoming Social Sustainability Seminar on Happiness or Helplessness.  While carbon reduction has dominated climate crisis discussions, vital for achieving a Net Zero Carbon World, our evolving relationship with the planet as social beings is equally crucial. With insight from GPs at the Deep End, there will be speakers from Newcastle University, Scottish Futures Trust, Energy Action Scotland, Stove Collective, Cardiff School of Architecture and The Royal Society of Architects in Wales President, Dan Benham.

RSA Fellowship – Changing Heritage: internal tensions and external pressuresAnchorAnchor
Date & Time: Wednesday 5 June 2024; 6-7.45pm
Location: Online
The RSA’s ‘Design for Life: For People Place and Planet’ mission involves a diversity of implications and challenges for our cultural, built, and natural heritage. Join this RSA Fellowship event to explore the issues, with speakers who have over decades been closely involved in rising to such challenges and to seeking relevant policy changes at local, national, and international levels.

The Engine Shed – Historic Bricks and Tiles
Date & Time: Wednesday 5 June 2024; 09.30am-3.30pm (or ½ day 10am-12.30pm)
Location: The Engine Shed, Forthside Way, Stirling FK8 1QZ
Scotland has long been perceived to be a country built of stone. Yet, recent research shows brick and other clay products like terra cotta, faience and tiles have contributed significantly to our historic built environment. The three talks will explore how fired earth products have contributed to Scotland’s buildings for centuries and how these materials can be repaired and conserved.

SURF Awards – Launch Event
Date and Time: Thursday 6 June 2024; 2-2.45pm
Location: Online
Learn about the 2024 SURF Awards process, 5 award categories, and insights from past winners. Scottish Government to officially open awards for applications. Ideal for those considering entering or re-entering.

SPAB Scotland – Working Party at Tibbermore Church
Date: Wednesday 12 – Sunday 16 June 2024
Location: Tibbermore, Perth PH1 1QJ
Join SPAB Scotland to help repair this historic church inside and out and learn traditional building craft skills along the way – including lime pointing, plastering and harling, Scotch slating, and signwriting. These friendly Working Parties are a great space to learn about building conservation, whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned professional. There will also be a celebratory ceilidh at the end of the week. In partnership with Historic Churches Scotland.

IHBC Annual School 2024 – #IHBC Reading 2024
Date & Time:  Wednesday 12 – Saturday 15 June 2024
Location: Online and in-person: Reading Town Hall
The IHBC is delighted to welcome Gerard Lemos, Chair of English Heritage as the opening speaker for the IHBC Annual School 2024, Reading – Place & Building Care: Finance, policy & people in conservation practice. Join in person or online for an enriching experience diving into the world of heritage conservation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, network, and explore heritage conservation and planning challenges in managing buildings, property and places together. Insights, learning and engagement for all disciplines and interests. Flexible, low-cost online delegate engagement options and bursaries available. AnchorAnchorBooking open now.

ASPB – Natural Fibre Insulation and Traditional Buildings
Date & Time: Wednesday, June 26, 2024; 1-2.30 pm
Location: Online
Join the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASPB) and the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) for a webinar exploring how natural fibre insulation can help meet the challenges of retrofitting traditional buildings. Followed by Q&A and an engaging panel discussion.


SPAB – Repair of Old Buildings Course
Date & Time: Monday 20 to Friday 24 May 2024
Location: Museum of the Home, Kingsland Road London E2 8EA
This popular short course has been presented by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings since the 1950s. Run over five days, this course delivers an intensive programme of lectures and visits to building repair projects. Presented by leading building conservation professionals, the Repair Course considers British and international approaches to the conservation of old buildings.

Scottish Lime Centre Trust – Repairing Traditional Masonry
Date & Time: Tuesday 21 – Wednesday 22 May 2024; 09.30am-4.30pm
Location: Charlestown Workshops, 2 Rocks Road, Charlestown, Fife KY11 3EN
This 2-day workshop is for building professionals and provides an introduction to the effective conservation and repair of traditional masonry structures and buildings, for the most part using traditional lime-based mortars.

Scottish Lime Centre Trust – Repair of Masonry Structure
Date & Time: Tuesday 28 – Thursday 30 May 2024; 09.30am-4.30pm
Location: Charlestown Workshops, 2 Rocks Road, Charlestown, Fife KY11 3EN
A 3-day workshop is aimed at contractors, building on the knowledge and skills gained on ‘C1 Making and Using Traditional Mortars’. The workshop aims to enable participants to complete seamless rebuilding and repair of traditional masonry to match original work. You will gain a conservation ethic and be able to develop repair strategies suitable for a variety of traditional masonry types.

C&BS – Introduction to being a Board Member
Date & Time: Tuesday 28 May & Tuesday 4 June 2024; 4-7pm
Location: Online
Do you have new trustees on your Board, or have you taken on a trustee role yourself? If so, this is an essential course for launching or refreshing your Board career. C&BS Head of Board Development, Catriona Reynolds, takes new trustees and Board members through their paces in two information-packed, hands-on sessions.

C&BS – Fundraising Matters: Getting Data Protection Right
Date & Time: Wednesday 29 May 2024; 9.30am-12.30pm
Location: Online
Obtaining personal data is highly valuable for marketing goods and services. However, the question of what you can and cannot legally do with this data remains complex. As more of us are keeping in touch with our audiences, supporters, and followers online than ever before, it’s essential to ensure your practices are lawful, as well as to provide privacy, security, and transparency to maintain the trust of your audiences. Laura Irvine, Davidson Chalmers Stewart LLP, dives deep into the subject and gives practical tips and advice.

C&BS – Fundraising Matters: Making Your Case
Date & Time: Tuesday 4 June & Tuesday 11 June 2024; 9.30am-12.30pm
Location: Online
Move from a blank page to a compelling case for support in the capable hands of professional copywriter, Allison Traynor. Offering a combination of project-based, hands-on writing exercises with tips, techniques, and critical theory, the two sessions explore the five stages of the copywriting process – planning, structuring, drafting, editing, and proofing. By the end of the course, you’ll have renewed confidence in your capabilities as a copywriter and come away with a bank of useful tips and techniques as well as real content that you can build into your next piece of communication.

DPEA – Planning Appeals Training for Communities
Date & Time: Wednesday 12 June 2024; 6-7.30pm
Location: Online
The Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) is part of the Scottish Government, dealing with planning appeals and a range of casework including wind farm proposals and electricity infrastructure. Join this event to hear about DPEA’s role, how it works and how communities can get involved. Open to all Community Councils and community groups. Planning Aid Scotland and DPEA reporters will introduce the key themes, followed by a panel discussion on questions from the audience. If you have any questions, please email by 31 May 2024. Make sure you use the subject heading ‘Planning Appeals Training’ so it reaches the right person. Please click here to book your place and joining instructions will be sent to you via email.



War Memorials Trust – Conservation Officer
Salary: £28-30,000, depending on experience
Status: Full-time; 12–18-month contract (may be extended)
Location: London office/hybrid/home-worker
War Memorials Trust works to protect and conserve all war memorials within the UK. The charity has an exciting opportunity for a Conservation Officer with initiative, enthusiasm, and experience. The successful candidate will become part of the Conservation Team, managing a varied and busy workload of casework, grants, and digital engagement. The role may suit a recent conservation graduate embarking on a full-time career in the conservation sector or could be of interest to someone more experienced looking for a different challenge.
Applicants should have extensive knowledge of the conservation of the historic environment, relevant legislation and the technical issues involved in the care, and repair of war memorials. In addition, they should be able to provide advice and guidance to custodians and members of the public on all aspects of war memorials and their care as well as having the ability to act as an advocate for the protection and appreciation of our unique war memorial heritage.
For more information, please see the Job Description and Person Specification.
Closing date: 9am on Wednesday 29 May 2024

Heritage Fund – Senior Engagement Manager (Scotland)
Salary: £39,087 to £45,268
Status: Permanent/Full-time
Location: Edinburgh (Hybrid Working)
The National Lottery Heritage Fund is the largest funder for the UK’s heritage. The organisation is currently recruiting for a full time Senior Engagement Manager on a permanent contract based in Edinburgh, with regular travel across Scotland.
The primary purpose of this post is to work as part of the Engagement Team to manage and deliver engagement with stakeholders and potential applicants across Scotland to deliver Heritage 2033, Heritage Fund’s 10-year strategy. This post will: stimulate and support the flow of good quality applications; work with stakeholders in organisations, agencies, and local authorities; support their emerging work in Heritage Places, and plan and implement outreach strategies targeted at Heritage 2033 priorities. The post will also contribute to the wider work of the Scotland team and Engagement function.
If you are excited about helping ensure that heritage is inclusive and accessible to everyone, for now and future generations more information can be found here.
For an informal conversation about the role, please contact Megan Braithwaite, Head of Engagement, Scotland
Application Deadline: Thursday 23 May 2024

The Heritage Trust Network – Volunteering opportunities
Youth Forum
The Heritage Trust Network is seeking young people aged 18-30 who are interested in the rescue, restoration and management of historic buildings, structures and places who want their voice heard in the heritage sector. Volunteers will be involved in shaping the new Youth Forum; creating recommendations and advice to help members involve young people in heritage in a democratic way; co-designing, leading, and taking part in online and in-person events; and creating online content including social media posts, blogs, or vlogs.
If you are interested in joining, please fill out a short application form here.

Digital Heroes Project Volunteer
Are you digitally skilled, interested in helping heritage organisations and available to volunteer? The Heritage Trust Network are seeking people based in Scotland to join their Digital Heroes project which matches up digitally skilled young people with one of their member organisations to help them undertake a digital project. Examples include doing social media posts, digitising an archive, or creating a digital marketing plan. If you are interested in volunteering as a digital hero, please fill out a short application form here.