Tyler Lott Johnston

Tyler is an architectural conservator.

Tyler is a trained building conservator with a deep rooted career in the built environment. She has extensive experience working in international markets and serving on and leading executive boards. Her experience in contemporary and historic built environments includes hands-on conservation and management of listed and unlisted structures as well as large-scale contemporary construction. Her areas of expertise include conservation of listed and non-listed buildings, outreach and education, business strategy, contract negotiation and management, equality, diversity and inclusion, and policy guidance in both the private and public sector. 

Tyler’s desire to serve on BEFS board is rooted in her passion to protect the built environment. She consults extensively in matters pertaining to heritage policy, traditional skills, sustainability, inclusivity, and at-risk regeneration. She also has a passion for reaching new audiences and serves as a mentor for women, young people, and underrepresented community members looking at the possibility of careers in construction and conservation. Tyler’s professional mission is to bring traditional building skills into the future, concentrating on the progression of safe, ethical, and environmental practices.

As well as being a BEFS board member, she also serves as Trustee for The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings, Chair of SPAB Scotland, and Convenor of the Edinburgh Traditional Building Forum where she leads on a number of initiatives including the Edinburgh Traditional Building Festival and multiple traditional skills demonstrations across Scotland.



Instagram and TikTok: @TylerLottJohnston