Heritage & Built Environment Manifestos

Explore heritage and built environment manifestos to become an advocate for Scotland’s historic environment.

Various heritage and built environment organisations, including a number of BEFS members, have produced manifestos ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections on 6 May 2021.

BEFS has compiled a list of manifestos in order to support everyone to become a successful advocate for the historic built environment ahead of and following the elections. The manifestos outline information on specific strategic issues, facts and details, and the corresponding language and messaging that can be adapted, adopted and supported by you.

For advice on becoming an advocate, including how to contact your local politicians, follow this toolkit by clicking the “Become an Advocate” button below.


Cupar Development Trust: All Party Calls 2021

Culture Counts: A Cultural Manifesto for 2021

Edinburgh World Heritage: Climate Emergency Manifesto

Green Action Trust: Positive change through environmental regeneration

ICON, the Institute of Conservation: Key Messages

Medieval Europe Research Community (supported by HES, RSE, University of Glasgow, Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy): Europe’s Medieval Past: a Manifesto

National Trust for Scotland: Call on politicians to protect battlefields

RICS Manifesto: The new normal: renew, repurpose, regenerate

Royal Town Planning Institute Scotland: Plan the Scotland We Need – A Manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election

Scottish Civic Trust: Action Plan: Scottish Parliament Election 2021

SURF Scotland’s Regeneration Forum: 2021 Manifesto for Community Regeneration

The Cockburn Association: 2021 Holyrood Election – Five Calls from the Cockburn

The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland: #CREATEBUILDPROTECT Campaign

14.6 million people visited historic environment sites in 2015, 25% of all recorded visits to Scottish attractions

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