The Portfolio Review

BEFS are delighted to be able to share a project worked on in partnership with National Trust for Scotland – this Portfolio Review and the further NTS Built Estate Analysis set out to understand more about the complex and diverse NTS estate examining many aspects of building type and use.

The NTS Portfolio Review documents the properties that the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) has in its care and looks at how their portfolio might evolve in the future. The review has been led by the Conservation and Policy teams at the National Trust for Scotland and supported by a cross-departmental working group; NTS worked in partnership with Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) to support this work.

The review presents the diversity of NTS properties, their potential evolution, and tools to help explain the cultural, social, environmental and economic significance they hold, as well as completing a detailed assessment of all built heritage properties in NTS’ care.

From BEFS perspective the learning from this work has also helped to inform the Sustainable Investment Tool, which will be launched in 2023,  helping to support: understanding, visualisation, and decision making, across a range of sector related values.

Read the NTS report The Portfolio Review

Published: June 2023.