Memory Exchange: Dundee’s Waterfront

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Organisation: Dundee Heritage Trust
Project title: Memory Exchange: Dundee’s Waterfront

Memory Exchange: Dundee’s Waterfront © Dundee Heritage Trust

Memory Exchange: Dundee’s Waterfront was a reminiscence project reflecting on the theme of Dundee’s ever-changing waterfront. From October to December 2018, a group of participants, all members of the public aged 60+, met bi-weekly to look back at their memories and recollections of Dundee’s Waterfront area. Each session had a different theme as a starting point and used objects, images and photographs from the Dundee Heritage Trust museum collections as prompts.

A reminiscence booklet was created to reflect the themes covered in each session. The booklet features questions and images to evoke memories and spark conversations, and also features illustrations of the memories and/or quotes shared by participants in the sessions. It is hoped the booklet will be used in a variety of ways – by care-givers and people living with dementia, by families with older relatives or neighbours or students undertaking research.

Funders – Aberbrothock Skea Trust

Budget – £2000

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Reviewed: September 2019