Shetland Nature Festival – Archaeological Walks

Our understanding of the historic environment is increasing and this continues to influence how we present and enhance it.

Organisation: Shetland Amenity Trust
Project title: Shetland Nature Festival – Archaeological Walks

Pinhoulland landscape

This was the 11th year of the Shetland Nature Festival but the first time that there was an archaeological component.

One day was designated for wool/natural resources. Old Scatness hosted two workshops about dyeing with natural plants and minerals, which attracted an audience from Shetland’s crafts sector.  Participants had the opportunity for a site tour led by an archaeologist.  There was also an opportunity for general visitors to try carding, spindle spinning, cording and tablet weaving; to handle soapstone objects, to listen to sagas and stories and to play “Viking” games.  Some families stayed on site all day.

On Archaeology day there were 3 guided walks to spectacular but off-the–beaten-track archaeological sites.  These attracted people who lived very locally but had not been aware of them, as well as people on holiday in Shetland.  Participants were surprised but enthusiastic to have found the walks in the Nature Festival programme.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? Main: 07 – Improve access to knowledge on the historic environment


06 Increase customer focus of knowledge created on the historic environment

12 – Increase the number and range of people who learn about the past.

13 – Increase the number and range of people visiting the historic environment

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Reviewed: September 2018