Excavation and discovery in Scotland – learning about past people from the evidence they left behind.

Scotland’s Archaeology Strategy

policy-archaeologyScotland’s Archaeology Strategy was published in 2015 and can be found here. BEFS contributed to the developing strategy by consulting stakeholders and submitting a report to civil servants within the former Historic Scotland. Participants were asked to identify ‘one single thing to improve archaeology’ – they identified:

  • supporting the pivotal (and multi-faceted) role that local authority archaeologists undertake
  • understanding how archaeologists work and what they offer
  • finding additional ways to attract funding into the discipline
  • getting better at demonstrating outcomes
  • reaching more people at the right time in the right way in the right place

Marine Historic Environment

In 2013 BEFS reported on a seminar, led by Historic Scotland, which presented initiatives flowing from the Marine Heritage Strategy (2012-15). The projects demonstrated the range of techniques and challenges in understanding the marine historic environment.  The creation of a comprehensive set of baseline data will help inform the management of our marine historic environment through the new system of marine protected areas under the National Marine Plan.  In 2013 BEFS Marine Historic Environment Taskforce responded to consultation on the National Marine Plan.

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