Yell Windhouse

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Organisation: Shetland Amenity Trust
Project title: Windhouse, Yell

Windhouse, Yell.

The very derelict Windhouse is a very imposing building on the skyline in Mid Yell and has the reputation for being Shetland’s most haunted house. Archaeologically it is sandwiched between a broch and is in the vicinity of an unlocated chapel site.  Some years ago it was the subject of an unsuccessful planning application.

Windhouse has changed hands and the new owner has been keen to work closely with archaeologists before lodging a planning application.  By timeously contacting the Local Authority’s Archaeology Service provider, Shetland Amenity Trust, a programme of work was initiated with archaeological contractors, Headland and also local archaeologist Samantha Dennis.  This work has revealed buildings related to the broch, walls which may be part of the chapel, and also discovered that there are indeed skeletons, in very shallow graves, close to the back door – a possible reason for the repeated discovery of human remains and probably the origin of all the stories about hauntings.  The applicant has been very enthusiastic about the results and is encouraging more archaeological work than is absolutely essential

We are working with the owner and her architects to find a good solution to the complicated project to make the building habitable before it is submitted as a planning application.

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Reviewed: September 2018