Anchor & Sail: Restoring Maritime Heritage to the Clyde

Increasing economic and social wellbeing through the historic environment.

Organisation: Galgael Trust
Project title: Anchor & Sail: Restoring Maritime Heritage to the Clyde

The Clyde was once a major hub for shipbuilding and Govan was at its heart. Today the river is noticeably quieter and runs through a dramatically different Glasgow. The Anchor and Sail project, led by GalGael Trust in partnership with the Clyde Maritime Trust, received a £325,000 grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to keeping this heritage and the centuries of skills from being lost forever. By the end of the project more than 200 people from the Govan community – particularly those facing illness, unemployment and other issues – are being recruited to realise this vision and are being rewarded with some amazing opportunities. Since June 2014 the project has built 4 new boats; awarded 8 City and Guild apprenticeships; worked with over 80 volunteers; take 12 cultural trips; ran three small events, and two large festivals.

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Reviewed: September 2018