Rothesay Pavilion Project

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Organisation: Argyll & Bute Council and Rothesay Pavilion Charity (NLHF funded)
Project title: The Rothesay Pavilion Project

Rothesay Pavilion ©Rothesay Pavilion Charity

National Lottery Heritage Fund (NLHF) grant of £3.4m to Argyll & Bute Council for the Rothesay Pavilion, Bute.

The Pavilion Project will:

  • safeguard the future of this vital community asset; the main gathering place, without which many of the events at the centre of local life on the island could not take place
  • repair the listed building to be a fit-for-purpose, accessible, entertainment venue as originally conceived
  • interpret its history, architecturally and socially, engaging people in their heritage through an evolving series of activities and exhibitions
  • grasp the full potential of the Pavilion as an iconic destination, for the benefit of the island’s economy, through the development of a national reputation for a high quality, diverse, and affordable cultural programme in a uniquely attractive setting, thereby encouraging tourism to the island
  • draw in new, diverse audiences: local people and visitors.

This is a collaborative project developed by Argyll & Bute Council (ABC), building owner, in partnership with the Rothesay Pavilion Charity (RPC), established to operate the venue for the benefit of the community. The purpose of our project is to create a sustainable charitable enterprise, safeguarding the historic building, providing new heritage interpretation and activities, improving access to heritage and arts, encouraging increased tourism, creating jobs, and providing a vital boost to the local economy.

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Reviewed: September 2018