Digital Heritage at The Hill House

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Organisation: National Trust for Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland
Project title: Digital Heritage at The Hill House

Image © HES & NTS

Mackintosh’s Hill House in Helensburgh, struggling with water ingress exacerbated by the changing climate, was placed in a protective shelter by the National Trust for Scotland.

In order to further document and understand its complex story, the Digital Innovation, Documentation, and Conservation Science teams at Historic Environment Scotland have come in partnership with the NTS to digitally document the site, and complete moisture mapping and thermographic surveys. This work offers a 3D snapshot of the house, tracking moisture movement as it dries over time. This will further understanding and virtual access to the Hill House for professionals and visitors alike.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? Main:

4) Shared working; This is the first project of its kind between the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland, the two heritage giants coming together to utilise cutting edge technology and scientific conservation to come with new solutions to historic problems.


3) Informed decision making; The thermal data in 3D space can be used as a tool for professionals to utilise in order to inform conservation decisions.

6) Knowledge Development: New ways to visualise complex data of thermography and moisture mapping 3D space, helping not only professionals but the public to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Hill House.

7) Accessible Knowledge; By developing digital assets including 3D models offer virtual access to viewpoints otherwise impossible to achieve.

12) Broad range approach; By developing digital asssets from 3D models to 360 virtual tours increases the number and range of people able to learn about the site.

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Reviewed: July 2020