Stobs Camp Memorial Rebuild

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Organisation: Archaeology Scotland
Project title: Stobs Camp Project memorial rebuild

Stobs Camp Memorial © Archaeology Scotland

Stobs Camp, near Hawick, was a First World War civilian and PoW camp. The Stobs Camp Project is a community led initiative to explore, record and promote this internationally important site.
Work began in August 2018 on the reinstatement of the memorial in the former cemetery at Stobs.  Along with a stonemason volunteers began rebuilding the 2.5m high memorial.  During demolition in the 1960s the central inscription had been lost so volunteers also learnt how to carve a new stone plaque. On Armistice 2018, after 400 volunteer hours, the Stobs Camp Project unveiled the re-instated memorial at a public event.

Which OPiT key performance indicator is the project contributing to? KPI 04 would be the main indicator as the community were encouraged to take leadership and were involved in decision-making at all stages. Landowners and the local authority were also consulted.
KPI 05 – 12 volunteers learned masonry skills that could be transferable to other projects
KPI 06 – over 100 people attended the unveiling many of whom would previously have been ignorant of the significance of the site
KPI 07 – promotion of the re-build led to more people becoming aware of the research facilities available through the project
KPI 08 – reinstating the memorial was an unusual improvement to an archaeological site but so very important to the local community
KPI 10 – as above community empowerment, engagement and upskilling
KPI 11- from the 150 volunteers on Stobs Camp Project, 12 were keen to learn specialist skills and ranged in age from 17 to 70.
KPI 12 – the publicity for the unveiling event meant a large and disparate audience became aware of the site and its history
KPI 13 – multi-media publicity has meant more people have come to visit the physical site and hundreds have downloaded or viewed digital material
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Reviewed: August 2019